The Adventure Begins...

Variant Ventures is a diverse team of passionate storytellers, players, and creators who believe tabletop role-playing games are meant to be enjoyed and loved by everyone.  We are actively working to break barriers in the TTRPG space by building a bridge between creators and players from all backgrounds, ages, orientations and ethnicities.  We are welcoming a new era of players to the table and encouraging creative gameplay through diversity, inclusivity, community and equity. 

I had a difficult time during my first pregnancy.  Being stuck at home and placed on bed rest by my medical team, I craved adventure!  I wanted nothing more than to leave our tiny single bedroom and bathroom apartment.  Home-brewed world-building provided me with the opportunity to step into a new place of my own creation, and to welcome my closest friends to enjoy the journey along with me.  Over time, and after the birth of our child, another idea was born: Variant Ventures.  It would be a community-based company working to bring independent creators and players together at the table and beyond.  Like many of the characters in the stories we weave, I felt like I was diving deep into the cavernous depths of small business and content creation without a compass or a map.  While combating anxiety and depression during this challenging process, it hit me harder than a barbarian in a rage that I was not alone.

Independent TTRPG creators often find there is a lack of resources and support when getting started in the industry.  These obstacles can hinder our growth as storytellers, shop owners, and as TTRPG Players alike.  If you’ve ever asked yourself how you could hope to compete against the big names in tabletop role play, you aren’t alone.  Variant Ventures was formed to help us band together and step up against the titans of the TTRPG industry.  Our Artisans Guild features talented creators and artists from many disciplines, including digital artists, dice makers, crafters, and more!  We also offer free TTRPG content in our Eternal Archive, providing additional player options and Game Master inspirations for the games we love most.  The best part is that we are just getting started, and I can’t wait for you to join us along the way!

The Variants have several new and exciting Ventures in store.  We are developing even more ways for the Artisans of our Guild to get their wares and services to the TTRPG community.  We have additional home-brewed creations planned for the Eternal Archive, as well as some premium paid TTRPG content.  The Variant Ventures Blog is full of great (and FREE) TTRPG advice, product reviews, Game Store highlights, and is continuing to grow!  We are also developing our popular Meet Your Makers VV Blog series into a podcast and are continuously searching the horizon for ways for players old and new to enjoy their time at the table.

 Variant Ventures is where The Adventure Begins … Will you answer the call?

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