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The Artisan's guild is a directory of amazing creatives in and around TTRPGs who align with the Variant Ventures code of ethics.

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World Building – Ships

Why is every ship a party adventure’s on in a TTRPG a three-mast sailing ship? While I only mean this in jest, I would love to hear of examples of adventures on other styles of ships that are accurate to the Middle Ages that inspired so many fantasy settings. But it seems that even in

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Text reads: Meet Team Pixel Damage

Team Pixel Damage – Meet the Team!

This November, Variant Ventures is partnering once again with Team Pixel Damage for Extra Life, benefiting Children’s Miracle Network. Last month, team captain Mike Block let us know a bit about the history of Team Pixel Damage. This month, we would like to give you an opportunity to meet the rest of the team and

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World Building: Seasons

With the weather patterns starting to change, and much to my relief beginning to cool down, a thought dawned on me that I hope is food for thought for other creators. How often when playing TTRPGs do the seasons change? Sure the game may start with everything being nice and sunny, but how long does

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Text reads World of Wyldrvir

World of Wyldrvir

While Dungeons and Dragons may have brought Variant Ventures together initially, the love for storytelling at the table continues to grow as we learn more TTRPG systems. In looking for new content, I discovered World of Wyldrvir. Here are some things I love about the system.  Initially, what sets World of Wyldrvir apart for me

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