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Text reads: Central Florida Spotlight: Replay Museum

Central Florida Spotlight – Replay Museum

Southwest of Orlando is the beach town of Tarpon Springs. Originally famous for its sponge diving exports, this gem of a town is now an excellent location for a day trip if you are in the Central Florida area. While there are many reasons to visit such as dolphin tours, excellent Greek food, and picturesque

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Enhance Ability Histories – Cannae

Welcome Variants, to a new series for the site, Enhance Ability Histories! Here we are going to be discussing historical battles, and how the outcomes of these conflicts might have been changed by the introduction of TTRPG style magic! I made an outline of the parameters for the series you can peruse by clicking here.

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Text reads: National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day – September 29

Brown Morning Potion It doesn’t matter if you call it Brown Morning Potion, Potion of Adulting or just simply coffee, if you love you caffeine you know it can become an all consuming essential to a good morning! National Coffee Day is here and we’d like to help you fully celebrate your love of coffee,

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Charity Spotlight: 826 National

The entire team at Variant Ventures is passionate about supporting our community. We know that TTRPG, gaming, and entertainment fans come from different backgrounds and that sometimes a helping hand is needed. Today we wanted to put a spotlight on the non-profit organization: 826 National. Related: Charity Spotlight: Extra Life In their own words: “826 National

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World Building – Governments

A few weeks ago, we discussed the types of kingdoms that may exist in your fantasy world. Today, let’s branch out a bit and discuss some other governments that could exist in your fantasy world. In our own history, kingdoms tended to be the most common type of governing body in the Medieval period, but

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