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Text reads TTRPG with Children

TTRPGs with Children

Tabletop Role Playing Games (TTRPGs) have become one of my favorite ways to blow off steam. Hanging out with friends, making up a story: it’s almost like make believe! (Actually, It is exactly like make believe.) While TTRPGs have so many benefits such as leadership development and critical thinking, they are also just plain fun!

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International Hobbit Day

To celebrate this wonderful day of Hobbits, let’s take a look and see where these adventurous folk came from! International Hobbit Day is meant to celebrate the works of writer J.R.R Tolkien,  author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. These works are also the first mention of Hobbits by this name, but given Tolkien’s affinity

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Text Reads: Real Talk: Pricing Your Work

Real Talk: Pricing Your Work

As a creator, getting paid for your work is great! Getting paid enough to turn a profit can be a little tricky though. I am here to help with that. For my Etsy shop, I use a combination of two pricing methods to price my work. Using a combination of these methods can help you

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Enhance Ability Histories – Cannae

Welcome Variants, to a new series for the site, Enhance Ability Histories! Here we are going to be discussing historical battles, and how the outcomes of these conflicts might have been changed by the introduction of TTRPG style magic! I made an outline of the parameters for the series you can peruse by clicking here.

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Meet Your Makers Part 2: CobblePath Games

Greetings again Variants, and welcome to another Meet Your Makers! We have another interview with the wonderful CobblePath Games of Locus fame to share with you. Check out the previous Meet Your Maker interview by clicking here! This time, the game setting is much less scary and significantly funnier with Stacks of Goblins. I asked our friends at

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War Talk – Lances

Well met Variants, and welcome to another War Talk. Today we shall discuss the iconic weapon of the medieval knight, the lance. Since we clarified a few misconceptions about knights before here, let’s do the same with their weapons. Related: Origins of the Knight A lance is really just a fancy spear, and the earliest

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