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World Building – Ships

Why is every ship a party adventure’s on in a TTRPG a three-mast sailing ship? While I only mean this in jest, I would love to hear of examples of adventures on other styles of ships that are accurate to the Middle Ages that inspired so many fantasy settings. But it seems that even in

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Text reads: Central Florida Spotlight The Geek Easy

Central Florida Spotlight – The Geek Easy

The Geek Easy Recently Central Florida was graced with a visit from Variant Izzie! Variant J and myself were happy to have Izzie in the Sunshine State for a few days. After getting off the plane, we went to a delicious dinner at one of our favorite spots, Ethos Vegan Kitchen. Not quite ready to go

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Text reads: Everdell Game Review

Everdell Game Review

If you follow me on social media, you know that I am a sucker for good Crowdfunding. Years ago, a friend of mine told me his favorite place to buy board games was Kickstarter. I didn’t fully understand how he could buy a game that no one had reviewed yet, but I loved his game

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Text reads: Port of Entry Attributes and Stats

Port of Entry – Attributes and Stats

Ability Scores, Attributes, Stats – no matter what you call them, they help determine the effectiveness of the everything your player character does in Dungeons and Dragons. Today in the Port of Entry we’re covering stats – what they do and how they are generated. Ability scores are used to determine how good or experienced

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Heroes’ Feast Cookbook Cook-Through: Traveler’s Stew

Hello, Variants! This is the first post of many that will feature our cook-through of the Heroes’ Feast: The Official D&D Cookbook, so I wanted to start our first installment with the first recipe: Traveler’s Stew from the Human Cuisine category. Author’s Note: I did make some flavor modifications for preference, but this didn’t detract

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Share Your Passion With These 15 TTRPG Themed Items

There is something magical about meeting a fellow TTRPG fan out in the wild! Getting to share stories from your adventures, finding common interests, and representing your favorite monsters, classes, and characters are refreshing from our normal everyday tasks like grocery shopping, school, and more. Share your passion for tabletop role-playing games with these 15

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