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The Artisan's guild is a directory of amazing creatives in and around TTRPGs who align with the Variant Ventures code of ethics.

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RPG Consent Sheets

Variant Kait talks about preparing your players with RPG Consent Sheets during a Session 0 or an active Campaign.

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Text reads: Remembering the Pulse Tragedies

Remembering the Pulse Tragedies

Variant Allison writes about her experiences in remembrance of the terrible Pulse Nightclub Tragedy, and offers ways we can continue to suppose those affected.

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Text Reads- Port of Entry - What is session 0?

Port of Entry – Session 0

Welcome to the Port of Entry Travelers!  The first time I heard about any Dungeons and Dragons campaign in detail, a friend described how their game broke up and they were no longer on speaking terms with some of the players. In the campaign, two player characters began dating. The two characters were happy in

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