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Text reads: Port of Entry TTRPG Terms

Port of Entry – TTRPG Terms

Welcome Travelers to this week’s Port of Entry! Today we are focusing on some Tabletop Role Playing Game (TTRPG) terms and acronyms that you may have heard, but aren’t so sure what they mean. When I first started out, I was afraid to ask what a d8 was (It’s an 8 sided die). While I

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International Hobbit Day

To celebrate this wonderful day of Hobbits, let’s take a look and see where these adventurous folk came from! International Hobbit Day is meant to celebrate the works of writer J.R.R Tolkien,  author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. These works are also the first mention of Hobbits by this name, but given Tolkien’s affinity

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Child’s Play: Dungeons and Dragons

My son turned 8 this November (how time flies!) and his birthday request was to play a real game of Dungeons and Dragons. Berry had sent him the Young Adventurer’s Guide over the summer and my son has read them all cover-to-cover at least four times. My good friend Dan has never been so delighted

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World Building – Governments

A few weeks ago, we discussed the types of kingdoms that may exist in your fantasy world. Today, let’s branch out a bit and discuss some other governments that could exist in your fantasy world. In our own history, kingdoms tended to be the most common type of governing body in the Medieval period, but

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Variant Ventures Artisans Guild – Halloween Highlight

Get ready to celebrate Hallow’s Eve and all things SpOoKy with these special offerings from our Artisans Guild members! Check out some “spooktacular” posts from our Artisans below: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Bomba Bling Handmade Jewelry (@bombabling) View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dice Goblin Genni (@dice_goblin_resin_arts) View

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Text Reads: Board Games for New TTRPG Players

Board Games for New TTRPG Players

In my world, TTRPG sessions are some of the best time spent but it isn’t always feasible to gather a group and focus on the role play. Board games can really help scratch that itch! More so, some board games can even be used to help teach some TTRPG mechanics. Today I am going to

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