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Text Reads: Kodama The Tree Spirits Game Review

Kodama- The Tree Spirits Game Review

Previous Next Kodama- The Tree Spirits Kodama: The Tree Spirits is an adorably illustrated card placement game where you work to keep the forest healthy for the tree spirits. Kodoma, from Indie Boards & Cards, is designed by Daniel Solis and illustrated by Kwanchai Moriya. The game is rated for 2-5 players, aged 14+ and

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Liz provides a brief and simple overview of cryptocurrencies

Real Talk: Cryptocurrencies

The recent hot topic in financial news has been cryptocurrencies. Even working in finance; I find the concept complex and confusing. I aim to briefly overview the basic concept here and provide you with a little bit of better understanding as well. What on Earth is Crypto? Cryptocurrencies are difficult to explain since they are

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Text reads Who is Team Pixel Damage?

Who is Team Pixel Damage?

Good morning, Variants! Today I would like to spotlight one of our charity partners: Team Pixel Damage! If you have watched Variant J stream, you know he is an active participant of this wonderful group of people.  Team Pixel Damage is a group fundraising for Extra Life. Extra Life is a year round organization where

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RPG Consent Sheets

Variant Kait talks about preparing your players with RPG Consent Sheets during a Session 0 or an active Campaign.

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Text Reads Free Comic Book Day August 14 2021

Free Comic Book Day – August 14, 2021

Happy Free Comic Book Day Eve! Photo Credit: Variant Allison Greetings superheroes and comic book fans, our holiday is here! Free Comic Book Day is taking place this Saturday, August 14th. Prior to the global pandemic, this day typically takes place the first Saturday in May. However, this year the date was pushed to August

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