Our Approach to Game Reviews

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In our house, Family Game Night is a regular occurrence. Some nights call for a quiet game for two, while others may have up to a dozen boisterous people crowded around our dining room table. I look to game reviews for a number of reasons, such as investigating popular games I’ve not yet tried, as a means to learn about new games from indie developers, and to help justify my burgeoning Kickstarter habit! Because investing in new games can quickly add up, a good game review can help us realize which games will be the best fit for our friends and family!

I, Variant Berry, will be reviewing each game on an individual basis, and there will not be any minimum score for a game to be featured.

What to Expect

In the Berry Patch, I will present a short synopsis of the game I’ll be reviewing.  The game will then be scored using the following criteria:

Ease of Setup and Play

I love tearing open a new game and getting right into the action!  Some games are quick to pick up and others take more time, study and overall effort. When purchasing a new game, I want to know how quickly I can start making game memories.


For me, this is the most important factor in buying a new game. My household likes to play our favorite games time and time again, with some even becoming long standing traditions!  I love games that can be deconstructed and put back together, that have a cooperative and/or solo version, or games that have ever changing objectives. This is a key factor to becoming a staple in my house.


So many games showcase such beautiful, unique artwork.  Some card games have me anxiously awaiting the illustration on the next card drawn, and some game pieces are sculpted to perfection.  Aesthetics rarely affect gameplay, but I think stunning artwork deserves a shout out!

Enjoyment Level

Sometimes a game can seemingly have everything going for it, but just doesn’t grab your attention, while other games appear like they’d not match up with our interests but become family favorites.  This is an important, but subjective category that should be considered.

What Not To Expect

These reviews will not contain a play by play or a deep scouring of the rule book.  I will include links to a game’s website, which commonly includes such information. All ratings are completely subjective and my own. What I find enjoyable might not be for you and that’s ok! That’s the beauty of games! Something for everyone!

Each new game that we bring into our homes is an adventure that we share with our friends and family.  I hope that you are able to use these reviews as a way to discover new ways to create long lasting memories with the people you love!

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