The Bad Batch Season 1 Finale Review

Well… that was a way to end the season. Here is what I thought about Bad Batch Season 1. Overall, I have really enjoyed the series so far. The story is well-rounded and easy to follow, the animation is spectacular, and I’m invested in all the main characters’ stories. Now, go watch the show before you read the rest of this because SPOILER ALERT there will be spoilers.


I already discussed my thoughts on the first part of the series here: While none of the main characters really changed too much, I liked the development of Omega from a tag-along kid to a member of the squad and making life-saving choices during the last episode.

The big reveal to me was the revelation that Crosshair, the team sniper who sided with the Empire at the start of the show, is revealed to be doing so of his own free will. The Batch thought he was just going along with the programming from his inhibitor chip, but he tells them it had previously been removed. His willingness to still work with the rest of the squad to escape Kamino also shows he still cares about them in his own twisted way. I am slightly disappointed that Crosshair’s commando squad got mostly wiped out (by him no less), but I still think we will see the remaining commando return at the head of a proto-Phoenix Squadron or similar unit.

The best part of the finale was undoubtedly the bombardment of the cloning facilities. While we do see that the facilities have been vacated and only the whereabouts of Nala Se are confirmed by the end of the season, I feel safe in saying the Kaminoans are only working with the Empire now due to the threat of force. No one likes to see their home and workspace get bombed from space. I still have my fingers crossed that we will see some sort of clone rebellion backed by rogue Kaminoans sometime in the show’s future, but that is pure speculation and wishful thinking.

Getting back to Nala Se, we see her being taken to a secret Imperial facility guarded by clone commandos if the armor is anything to go off. I predict that her continued work will be on augmenting clones of Jango Fett to try and replicate Clone Force 99, and possibly could lead to revelations about how Emperor Palpatine was able to be resurrected in Rise of Skywalker. There were also cameos by characters from Rebels who I am sure we have not seen the last of.

Overall, I think the show did a great job of diving deeper into the lore of Star Wars and added a fun dynamic to the expanding universe. I am glad to hear the show has been greenlit for another season and looking forward to seeing if my predictions are right, and would love to hear yours too! Be sure to share in the comments what you feel will happen in Season 2!

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