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Elden Ring Game Review

Like much of the video game and fantasy community, I have been completely absorbed in Elden Ring since it’s release. I would describe myself as a Dark Souls aficionado, having completed the first and second games of the series multiple times. While I have yet to fully experience Dark Souls 3 for myself, it is …

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New Year, New Plans

Welcome to the new year, Variants! Variant Ventures had some amazing things go on in 2021, as Variant Kait covered in her year in review recap.  I do want to personally thank everyone for their support of Variant Ventures, and my personal content. But that’s not why we are here today! I have some plans …

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Good Sportsmanship

Alright, I know, TTRPGs and board games are not sports, but the same principles on the field apply at the table. Ever since I was a kid, you get told to be a good sport, both in victory and defeat. This should be something we all strive for when playing games with other people (and …

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