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Elden Ring Game Review

Like much of the video game and fantasy community, I have been completely absorbed in Elden Ring since it’s release. I would describe myself as a Dark Souls aficionado, having completed the first and second games of the series multiple times. While I have yet to fully experience Dark Souls 3 for myself, it is …

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Share Your Passion With These 15 TTRPG Themed Items

There is something magical about meeting a fellow TTRPG fan out in the wild! Getting to share stories from your adventures, finding common interests, and representing your favorite monsters, classes, and characters are refreshing from our normal everyday tasks like grocery shopping, school, and more. Share your passion for tabletop role-playing games with these 15 …

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December is BINGO month and, as the resident BINGO-enthused Variant, I cannot let this special time of year pass by without sharing some fun tidbits about this classic gambling game. The stigma around BINGO is that it is an old person’s game, but I would like to challenge that stereotype. I believe that BINGO is …

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Vampire Awareness Day

Welcome Variants, to spooky season! Today is Vampire Awareness Day. As such, I would like to illuminate the lore behind vampires and hopefully grant some protection from these undead on Hollows Eve. Some of you may be surprised to learn this, but originally Vampire Awareness Day had nothing to do with the denizens of Ravenloft …

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