Pokémon Day: February 27, 2022

Happy Pokémon Day! 

Greetings Variants & my fellow pokemon lovers. Today is our day. The day where we celebrate the creation of this awesome franchise and all things Pokémon! Get your game consoles, phone apps, trading cards, and trainer gear ready as we discuss the origins of the beloved franchise.


Pokémon Day is held every year on February 27th, which was the original date that the first games, Red & Blue, were released in 1996 in Asia then later in 1998 in the United States. Since that day, we have seen the release of the Pokémon card game, video games, television shows, and movies, making this one of the most popular international franchises in modern history. As the years roll by, Pokémon Day has been known to host a variety of events within the games of Nintendo or within the hit app Pokémon Go. February 27th is also the day fans can expect exciting news and updates to be announced. This year, marks the 26th anniversary of this incredible franchise, so we can’t wait to see what special surprise is instore for next year!

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What’s next?

So what is next for this franchise? In 2021, fans were given the chance to play the sequel for the New Pokémon Snap, Pokémon UNITE! the re-release of Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond on the Nintendo Switch. Then in late January 2022 Pokemon Legends: Arceus which was announced at last year’s Pokémon Day. Earlier today, it was announced that we will be getting several new games including:

  • Generation 9, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet which will be released on Nintendo Switch later this year
  • A new update for Pokemon Legends: Arceus called Daybreak releasing today (February 27th) along with mystery gifts if you have the password. Beware there is an end date. This storyline also has an online animated series coming out later this year.

Other items include:

  • Nintendo Switch players with Brilliant Diamond and/or Shining Pearl can get the Mythical Pokemon: Shaymin. Full details can be found in the citations section or at IGN.com
  • Pokémon from the Alolan Region will be added to Pokémon Go on March 1st
  • Pokémon Masters EX players can get free gifts for the next 10 days along with special outfits for several trainers
  • Pokémon Cafe ReMix bonuses 
  • And Pokémon UNITE! players can try out Hoopa for free on this day, and learn the Pokémon that are coming next to the game, as well as get two in-game clothing items. The two in-game clothing items do have an end date as well.
Photo Credit: Variant Allison

How to Celebrate Pokémon Day

Besides learning all the new and exciting information that was released today, how can you celebrate Pokémon Day? Here are some ideas:

  • Play some of your favorite old or new Pokémon games. Nintendo News has announcements as well, along with Pokémon Go hosting an event for this day
  • Play the trading card game with your friends or family, or check out your favorite gaming store for any events. Some may offer lessons on how to play the trading card game as well!
  • Host a movie/show marathon and don’t forget to make some themed food or snacks to make the day extra sweet
  • Wear your favorite Pokemon clothing and trainer gear, don’t forget your pokédex!

From the Variant Ventures family, we hope you have fun today! Let us know how you’re celebrating in the comments of the article or on any of our social media pages. Keep saving the day my friends. Team VV is blasting off again!!!!! 


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