Concept & Digital Art

Isa Pagani Art

Isa Pagani Art Isa a.k.a. Izzie // She/Her Isa enjoys creating vibrant and colorful digital illustrations, from traditional styled paintings to comic-inspired character portraits.  Izzie in particular enjoys the challenge of bringing someone’s fantasy creation to life through detailed descriptions and about 100 follow-up questions.  Instagram Envelope Website


Ashcifer He/Him – Digital Artist  Ashcifer creates digitized illustrations of various types, with a specialization in fantastical creatures. He also offers icons, banners, short animations, and character design services. Twitter Instagram Twitch Tiktok Link Tree


Bugvilles  They/Them – Digital Artist  Bugvilles creates digital character illustrations for commission. They specialize in drawing humans/humanoids but are open to other options! Bust, half-body, and full-body, character sheets, original character designs and more! Instagram: @Bugvilles Twitter Instagram Twitch LinkTree

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