Liz provides a brief and simple overview of cryptocurrencies

Real Talk: Cryptocurrencies

The recent hot topic in financial news has been cryptocurrencies. Even working in finance; I find the concept complex and confusing. I aim to briefly overview the basic concept here and provide you with a little bit of better understanding as well. What on Earth is Crypto? Cryptocurrencies are difficult to explain since they are …

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Heroes’ Feast Cookbook Cook-Through: Traveler’s Stew

Hello, Variants! This is the first post of many that will feature our cook-through of the Heroes’ Feast: The Official D&D Cookbook, so I wanted to start our first installment with the first recipe: Traveler’s Stew from the Human Cuisine category. Author’s Note: I did make some flavor modifications for preference, but this didn’t detract …

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Central Florida Spotlight: BAMF Comics & Coffeehouse

  Greetings superheroes and lovers of all things nerdy! Next up on our Central Florida Spotlight Series is BAMF Comics & Coffeehouse located in Maitland, FL.  BAMF Comics & Coffeehouse has been “believing in the power of imagination” in Central Florida since September 2018. How is this done? By being “fueled by ink, pulp, and coffee”. …

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War Talk – Lances

Well met Variants, and welcome to another War Talk. Today we shall discuss the iconic weapon of the medieval knight, the lance. Since we clarified a few misconceptions about knights before here, let’s do the same with their weapons. Related: Origins of the Knight A lance is really just a fancy spear, and the earliest …

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