TTRPG TikTok Creators to Help Get You Inpsired

Hello, adventurers!

In the lush world of TTRPGs, there’s this funny little role play element to it. For some folks, that can sometimes be the hardest part to become fully immersed in. Even for someone like myself, a veteran text-based roleplayer (I started when I was 11 so, oh… over 2 decades), the act of roleplaying out loud is still a bit intimidating. Call it stage fright, shyness, or whatever you will- despite the allure from the first time I heard about LARPing, I get this weird wave of anxiety right before a session. Not to mention the jitters I get before DMing for the first time!

What if I say something stupid? What if I get the accent wrong? What if Jersey Izzie comes out and too many f-bombs are dropped from the sky?

The good news is finding the right crew is going to alleviate about 70% of that worry. Most of the time, veteran players can really get you in the right mindset to flex your budding acting skills. In addition, your table mates aren’t going to make fun of or put you down for nervous role play. If they do, a conversation needs to be had, or maybe a different group would be a better fit.

For the last 30%, learning by watching others is going to help a great deal. There are a plethora of podcasts and youtubers you can find doing this already, but TikTok, unsurprisingly, is a treasure trove of DM tips, cosplayers and roleplayers who can deliver some hilarious, informative, and sometimes tear-jerking content in 60 seconds or less. And because the TTRPG and Cosplay communities are so tight knit, you’ll notice a lot of references to one other in their videos.

I’m gonna introduce you fine folk to some of my favorite TikTok creators to get you going!

Quincy’s Tavern

Chances are you may have already come across Quincy’s content, and with good reason! Quincy has a load of in-character videos where he talks to you as an adventurer stopping in for a rest after a grueling day. Maybe it was a tough boss fight. Or maybe you just had a bad day at work. It doesn’t matter how in-fantasy or real-world your stress might be. Quincy’s ASMR-worthy poetry is sure to help you take a deep breath and appreciate the small victories. 

Sample Video



If you’re a fan of quick-witted D&D centered comedy, this account is for you! While he’s moved his content over to Twitch & Youtube, OSQ’s TikTok is still an archive of pure, nerdy chaos that any RPG fan can laugh along with. While some of the humor does play a bit on class stereotypes (thirsty bards galore or wizards expiring after taking 1d4 of damage), and the content skirts the PG-13 line at times, you can’t help but get caught up in the hilarity if you don’t mind a little bawdy humor.

Sample Video


Ameliasom (Mills)

Experienced DMs are like ancient sages that guide us all though the darkness when we’re still just sweet summer children. It’s no surprise that DM tips are a popular topic out there on social media, and TikTok is no exception. Her channel is a wealth of information about playing different classes, storytelling, and answering her followers’ questions on different aspects of the game. She lovingly posts fun at some aspects and tropes in D&D but in a way that clearly comes from a place of affection.

Sample Video



This gem of a human being is high key a Disney princess come to life! She often plays out other audio from different TikToks, or reenacts scenes from popular entertainment. She’s got amazing face acting skills, and is absolutely entrancing to watch. As someone who loves to play energetic, over-the-top characters, Em is an absolute treasure. Here’s a video where she unboxes a crown haul and goes all out showing them off.

Sample Video


Griffin Dixon

Griffin.D has a series around the concept of “Between Quests” which plays with what heroic party members do when they’re not actively adventuring. There’s a repeating cast of characters all played by one actor, so it’s fun to follow along with their unique personalities and quirks. Griffin also does a great job playing with duets from other TikTokers and working them into the story of his cast. His content is great inspiration for filling in the gaps, as imagining what our characters do between sessions can help build out their personalities and stories.

Also – he has the most fabulous hair I think I’ve ever seen.

Sample Video


There are of course a plethora of other amazing and inspiring people out there making great content to tickle our nerdy hearts. Who are some of your faves?

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