TTRPGs with Children

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Tabletop Role Playing Games (TTRPGs) have become one of my favorite ways to blow off steam. Hanging out with friends, making up a story: it’s almost like make believe! (Actually, It is exactly like make believe.)

While TTRPGs have so many benefits such as leadership development and critical thinking, they are also just plain fun! Why not get the next generation in on the “party” and build upon their imagination that is already soaring? Start off the adventure with some ideas below! 

Story Cubes
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Rory’s Story Cubes have been something I have loved for a long time. While not a TTRPG exactly, these story cubes can certainly get the creative juices flowing with people of all ages! There are many variations of the classic set, however; they all have the same idea. On each side of a dice there are six unique images, making them accessible to non-readers. Storytellers can use these in a variety of ways to think of inspiration to tell a story together. Work through a story together while working on skills such as listening, turn taking and staying on topic while molding your little ones to be future TTRPG players and game masters! 

Tall Tales Game with all components our of the box
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Tall Tales is a story telling game meant for readers and non-readers alike. The box contains 50 game pieces, 24 story cards and a bag to hold it all. Family and friends can use these elements to build a story together in 5 different ways. If what’s included isn’t enough for your storytellers, there are expansion packs to choose from as well! This open form story telling set can really help guide a child’s imagination while bonding with their loved ones or working on speech and language development in a learning setting.

Stuffed Fables Game Box
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Stuffed Fables from Plaid Hat Games is an adorably wonderful TTRPG meant for children 7 years and older. Players characters are stuffed animals with a goal of protecting their owner from nightmares. The game play happens within a story book that contains the rules and acts as a story guide for the game. Game play is designed for 2 to 4 players and takes about 90 minutes. Stuffed Fables is an engaging and age appropriate way to introduce younger kids to the concept of TTRPGs!  

Starport Book Cover
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Starport- A Tabletop Role Playing Game for Kids by Kevin Ferrone is a TTRPG designed for kids ages 5 to 12. Starport offers an open world that uses a twenty sided die (d20) mechanic. This is an excellent TTRPG to focus on storytelling, rather than combat. Starport takes a non-violent approach to TTRPGs and encourages players to use creative problem solving and communication to work through challenges. In the world of Starport, anyone can be a hero! Keep the adventure going with Quest for Dragon Egg: A Starport Adventure.

Young Adventurer's Source Book Collection
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The Dungeons and Dragons: The Young Adventurer’s Collection is a set of 4 sourcebooks designed for DND players ages 8 to 12 years and include streamlined versions of the traditional ruleset. Help younger players get acclimated to the worlds of Dungeons and Dragons, read through the volumes of Monsters & Creatures, Warriors & Weapons, Dungeons & Tombs and Wizards & Spells. 

Multicolored Book Covers

Have you tried playing TTRPGs with younger players? Tell us about it!

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