Free RPG Day – October 16, 2021

Geeks and Nerds from near and far, are you ready for this weekend? Free RPG Day is Saturday October 16, 2021 and the Variants are ready for it! 

We recommend going to the Free RPG Day site and seeing if any local game stores will be participating near you. 

For our Central Florida friends, the following stores will be hosting events: 

What to Expect for Free RPG Day

Much like Free Comic Book Day, Free RPG day is designed to get new content into the hands of interested parties! Game stores and comic shops will have a variety of RPG content, ranging from teasers to character sheets to whole adventures for you to check out. Keep in mind, that as with Free Comic Book Day, not everyone adventurer is going to be able to get every item that is featured. Stores may set some limits onto the free loot you can pick up to ensure there is some for everyone! 

What Companies Are Being Featured for Free RPG Day?

More To Come!

After Variant Allison and I experience our first Free RPG Day, we’re going to come back to this article and update it with some pictures for you. I for one am really excited to visit FireBunny Games! 

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