Text reads TTRPG with Children

TTRPGs with Children

Tabletop Role Playing Games (TTRPGs) have become one of my favorite ways to blow off steam. Hanging out with friends, making up a story: it’s almost like make believe! (Actually, It is exactly like make believe.) While TTRPGs have so many benefits such as leadership development and critical thinking, they are also just plain fun! …

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Text reads Port of Entry - Combat

Port of Entry – Combat

Roll for Initiative! When I started playing my first session of Dungeons and Dragons, I had my character sheet and back story ready to go. Roleplay was a little challenging for me, but I was able to stumble my way through my first real experience with any kind of improv. Everything was more or less …

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Text reads: 13 Games for Halloween

13 Games for Halloween

Rather than sugar plums, some of us have visions of candy corn and pumpkins dancing in our heads year round. After a completely bonkers summer, some of us are just ready to slide into that cool fall sweater weather and focus on the spooky things life has to offer. In that spirit (pun intended) I …

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