Text reads: 13 Games for Halloween

13 Games for Halloween

Rather than sugar plums, some of us have visions of candy corn and pumpkins dancing in our heads year round. After a completely bonkers summer, some of us are just ready to slide into that cool fall sweater weather and focus on the spooky things life has to offer. In that spirit (pun intended) I …

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Heroes’ Feast Cookbook Cook-Through: Traveler’s Stew

Hello, Variants! This is the first post of many that will feature our cook-through of the Heroes’ Feast: The Official D&D Cookbook, so I wanted to start our first installment with the first recipe: Traveler’s Stew from the Human Cuisine category. Author’s Note: I did make some flavor modifications for preference, but this didn’t detract …

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Text reads: Port of Entry Dice

Port of Entry – Dice

I still remember my first set of dice from Gods & Monsters– A tiny set of 7 purple click clacks suitable for a Halfling. I was really excited to roll them for my first session (which I subsequently learned is actually Session 0 and didn’t roll dice) but I did get to roll them for Session …

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Text reads War Talk Wednesday Pikes Part 1

War Talk – Pike Part 1

Welcome to another War Talk! Today we are taking a trip back to a time before the Medieval roots of many TTRPGs and talk about a tactic first popularized in antiquity: the pike phalanx. The phalanx was a formation of spearmen popular among Greek and early Roman city-states prior to the Punic Wars. Phalanxes contained …

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