International Hobbit Day

To celebrate this wonderful day of Hobbits, let’s take a look and see where these adventurous folk came from! International Hobbit Day is meant to celebrate the works of writer J.R.R Tolkien,  author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. These works are also the first mention of Hobbits by this name, but given Tolkien’s affinity …

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Part 3 – How to Create and Play as Characters Outside of Standard Races

So we’ve talked about playing a ‘non-standard” character in TTPRG and one with a new parentage and upbringings. Now I want to discuss how to balance your player with a party. A common argument or inquiry that I see online is the “my party feels like I’m catering to one player” and/or “the rest of …

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TTRPG Systems

Like many people I have met, my first table top role playing game was Dungeons and Dragons. I love playing Dungeons and Dragons! If you’re lucky (or maybe cursed) you may have even read my articles featuring DND. However, it is far from the only TTRPG system to play. While there are numerous TTRPG experiences …

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War Talk – Lances

Well met Variants, and welcome to another War Talk. Today we shall discuss the iconic weapon of the medieval knight, the lance. Since we clarified a few misconceptions about knights before here, let’s do the same with their weapons. Related: Origins of the Knight A lance is really just a fancy spear, and the earliest …

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ADHD at the Table

If you follow me on social media, you have inevitably seen me talk about living and thriving with ADHD. I’ll share my story about how I got to my diagnosis another time, maybe. If I remember and feel like it. But this is about how ADHD affects me at the table. And I guess more …

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