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While Dungeons and Dragons may have brought Variant Ventures together initially, the love for storytelling at the table continues to grow as we learn more TTRPG systems. In looking for new content, I discovered World of Wyldrvir. Here are some things I love about the system. 

Initially, what sets World of Wyldrvir apart for me is that they have a fully accessible version for those with dyslexia, life myself. This detail makes all of the difference when learning a new system! 

Cover art for World of Wyldrvir
Photo Credit: Wyldrvir RPG

World of Wyldrvir offers a low combat setting with lots of room for exploring, that doesn’t feel lacking. The map included in the core information is intentionally left pretty bare, so that players may discover their own unique world together. This will result in every table having its own bespoke map specific to their campaign. I really enjoy that players can work with their table to truly make the World of Wyldvir their own.


Map for World of Wyldrvir
Photo Credit: Wyldrvir RPG

Another fun detail is that skill development is built right into the game. The big games to have some mechanics to learn new things but it can be dependent on your party having downtime. World of Wyldrvir takes a different approach. For player characters in World of Wyldrvir attributes are given a dice roll (d4, d6, d8, d10, d10) and the more you roll a skill, the more you have a chance to improve. For example 10 rolls of a d4 skill lets you increase the skill to a d6, at so on. This is a great mechanic, not only for character development but it gives players an incentive to be creative with their skills! 

Chaos Magic! There’s little that I love more than a wild magic table in a game and Wyldrvir overflows with it! Since magic is so new in this world (only 2 generations old) it is not as refined as in other settings, resulting in some unique interactions and enables both players and GM to use role play and skills creatively. 

Racial abilities can be very contentious in a TTRPG. You may have seen our articles for An Elf and An Orc Had A Little Baby and Ancestry and Culture on the Variant Ventures site, which both aim to address these issues in long standing IPs. In Wyldrvir, humanoids all have common ancestry of humans. This is a unique detail, allowing for both a shared past and individual skills and abilities. I particularly enjoy World of Wyldrvir’s take on orcs, who are portrayed as friendly and loyal people with strong ties to nature. 


Character Art for World of Wyldrvir
Photo Credit: Wyldrvir RPG

Culture of the cities was throughly thought through in World of Wyldrvir. There are some abilities that player character’s may have access to, depending on their city of origin. Each of the six major areas have traits associated with it such as being tech-savvy or harnessing a natural element. I love this connection to the world around the players. The Locations Attributes Master List gives the players choices of attributes based on where they are from. There are wonderful choices here, such as “Dig A Little Deeper” and “Trick or Treat.” Also included are the leaders of the city states, complete with pronouns.

Outside of the major cities, GMs and players are encouraged to develop smaller towns and settlements throughout the world and advice is given on how to develop attributes for the people from those areas. Again, allowing for maps that are unique to each table. 

Six city banners for World of Wyldrvir
Photo Credit: Wyldrvir RPG

The creatures and monsters in Wyldrvir were also affected by The Awakening. Some of these creatures have been affected more than others by this. This has caused a group of Monster Helpers to emerge to help take care of the creatures that may be acting feral with the new magic in the world. They are not out to hunt the creatures, but to assist them.

Many more aspects of World of Wildrvir are included in their information, from playtest material, to adventure ideas, and explanations on how things such as bardic instruments work.

I hope I get to visit Wyldrvir soon, as it promises to hold great potential for storytelling and development. The World of Wyldrvir truly reads like a labor of love. 

For more information on World of Wyldrvir, look HERE

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