Dungeons and Dyslexia

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Hi Variants, Berry Here!

Today we are talking about one of my favorite tools I use while playing Dungeons and Dragons: The Dyslexic Character Sheet

dungeons and dragons character sheet, two sets of polyhedral dice and a pencil
As someone with an assortment of learning challenges (dyslexia included), I struggle with the traditional character sheet.  The boxes and numbers all seem to dance around me, in a fashion similar to Alan from The Hangover as he is counting cards at the casino.  Feeling determined, I quested for a solution to my numerical hangups!  At first I migrated to D&D Beyond.  This helped, but still was not the right tool for me.  I kept searching until I stumbled upon the Dyslexia friendly character sheets from Inuyasharuls and Axelle123 on Reddit.  After my first session, it was clear:  These character sheets are a game changer!

Dungeons and Dragons modified character sheet with set of blue polyhedral dice

I often post photos of my character sheet on social media before many of my sessions, and have received a lot of questions about it!  I take no credit for the design or work that went into these sheets.  I am simply a HUGE supporter of the effort that went into making this for people like me!

Creator Axelle said “I’m glad people are enjoying it. I am happy I tool I made for myself was able to aid many more.”

As linked above, you can find the character sheets here.  I hope they bring ease of use and joy to your sessions!. This is my number one tool I use for all of my Dungeons and Dragons sessions. Without this, I would be lost!

black and white image of a dungeons and dragons character sheet with a dice tray and set of polyhedral dice
The creators have also put together some helpful videos. If you enjoy their character sheets, I am certain you’ll love these too!

*Photo credits Variant Berry
**Dice pictured are from Bard and Barbarian, HeartBeatDice and Chessex

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