Minor Illusion: More than Meets the Eye

Text reads: Minor Illusion More than Meets the Eye

Here is another spell from D&D that I find underused – Minor Illusion. Most of the arcane spell-casters can take this spell as a cantrip, which produces an illusory image or sound that can fit within a 5ft cube. The image is static and cannot be changed, except by recasting the spell or with a subclass specific ability of the Illusionist wizard. In the hands of a creative player (and a lenient DM) there are many uses for this spell.

My characters most commonly use this spell to create images of someone they are looking for. Rather than taking time to describe an individual, with margin for misinterpretation or error, a simple bust of the person being described quickly communicates their appearance. Another recent example of creativity with this spell was when our party was trying to sneak into a Kobold village, my bard created a 5ft box around him. He could hide inside the box, view the exterior, and move around mostly unseen. It surely was a tactic to rival a Metal Gear.

While the spell mostly deals with creating fake objects, there is no reason not to create an image of the surrounding area to make an object disappear. This can help sneak small objects that your party would rather not reveal into an area, or even small party members if your DM allows it.

Overall, this cantrip is highly versatile, and with a dedicated illusionist, it drastically increases in effectiveness. Another under used spell that is much better than common parlor tricks. Always remember to use your imagination and ask your DM if you come up with a creative solution. The worst that can happen is the NPC passes their investigation skill check and realizes you’re trying to pull the wool over their eyes.

What are some of your favorite cantrips?

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