World building

History In TTRPGs

If you have been hanging around the Variant Ventures page for a while, you will know I am the history guy. I like history, I write about it frequently, and I talk about ways to implement historical factors and events in your game. Today, however, I want to make a statement – most TTRPGs are …

History In TTRPGs

Creative Corner: Diversity and Inclusivity in Homebrewed Games

I want to start off by sharing that there is no wrong way to homebrew a world or campaign. Some worlds and lands may be desolate and hostile, primarily inhabited by creatures and monsters that reflect their environment, others have flourished with the use of magic and/or technology and the population has prospered with the …

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World Building – Food

Across the world we live in, and the many others from various fantasy and sci-fi settings, food is a great indication of culture and society. The types of fruits, vegetables, and meats a people or culture eat are influenced by geography, religion, and economics. All of these factors make for great world-building opportunities. Does your …

World Building – Food

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