October 2021

Vampire Awareness Day

Welcome Variants, to spooky season! Today is Vampire Awareness Day. As such, I would like to illuminate the lore behind vampires and hopefully grant some protection from these undead on Hollows Eve. Some of you may be surprised to learn this, but originally Vampire Awareness Day had nothing to do with the denizens of Ravenloft …

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Halloween Horror Comedies

I’m back for our last week together as we delve into another round of horror movies. Last week was my favorite of all these lists, and I’ve had a great time rewatching some of those flicks! This week’s list is perfect, and just in time for Halloween. Essential horror comedies are a great gateway into …

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Heroes’ Feast Cookbook Cook-Through: Dwarven Flatbread and Underdark Lotus with Fire Lichen Spread

As the weather begins to cool and the thoughts of resting near an open fire become idyllic I wanted to bring a little heat to the next dish or dishes featured in this month’s Heroes’ Feast Cookbook Cook-Through series. So, Variant Rory and I settled on two complementary dishes to try: Dwarven Flatbread (page: 103) …

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Text reads: Game Review Sagrada

Sagrada: Game Review

Sagrada Front cover of Sagrada depicts a beautiful stained glass window with red, green, blue, yellow and purple dice along with the company’s logo. Back cover provides a brief synopsis of Sagrada. Greetings crafters, puzzle fans and anyone who is like myself who is attracted to beautiful board game artwork! Let me introduce you to …

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Text reads Port of Entry - Combat

Port of Entry – Combat

Roll for Initiative! When I started playing my first session of Dungeons and Dragons, I had my character sheet and back story ready to go. Roleplay was a little challenging for me, but I was able to stumble my way through my first real experience with any kind of improv. Everything was more or less …

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