Month: November 2021

War Talk – Artillery

Alright Variants, let us get into the holiday season with a bang. Today, we are talking about the king of the battlefield as Napoleon called it, artillery. From the catapults, ballista, and trebuchets of antiquity and the Middle Ages to the modern cannons and howitzers, the role of artillery has changed very little over the …

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Small Business Saturday

Happy Small Business Saturday shoppers! Today millions of people will help support the small businesses both in their communities and online. One of the best things about purchasing items and services from small businesses is the ability to impact an individual, family, or small group of workers or friends in their efforts to better their …

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Good Sportsmanship

Alright, I know, TTRPGs and board games are not sports, but the same principles on the field apply at the table. Ever since I was a kid, you get told to be a good sport, both in victory and defeat. This should be something we all strive for when playing games with other people (and …

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Heroes’ Feast Cookbook Cook-Through: Halfling Oatmeal Sweet Nibbles

Hello, Variants! Every holiday season my sweet tooth decides to come out in full force like the arctic blasts of the north, and this month I wanted to treat my guests to some sweet nibbles. (Halfling Oatmeal Sweet Nibbles to be exact!) This is one of the recipes from the Heroes’ Feast Cookbook that includes …

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Text reads: Trans Day of Remembrance

Trans* Day of Remembrance

Today, we honor our trans* friends who we’ve lost due the discriminatory actions that target this community. This day was created in 1999 to honor those lost and specifically “Rita Hester”, a transgender woman who also lost her life due hateful crimes. The person who decided to take action was Gwendolyn Ann Smith, a transgender …

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