TTRPG Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Looking for the perfect gift for your Dungeon/Game Master? Want to surprise your party with a special something? Secretly shopping for items to gift yourself? We’ve got you covered! Check out these gift ideas for new and seasoned TTRPG players:

ENHANCE Tabletop RPG Player’s Essentials DnD Bag

Photo Credit: Enhance

ESSENTIAL PLAYER’S BAG: Crossbody style messenger bag with room for up to 4 of your favorite RPG books complete with a padded divider to organize binders, character sheets, and more.

To order the Enhance Tabletop RPG Player’s Essentials DnD Bag for $49.99 USD CLICK HERE

Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons

Photo Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Meet Fizban the Fabulous: doddering archmage, unlikely war hero, divine avatar of a dragon-god—and your guide to the mysteries of dragonkind. What is the difference between a red dragon and a gold dragon? What is dragonsight? How does a dragon’s magic impact the world around them? This comprehensive guide provides Dungeon Masters with a rich hoard of tools and information for designing dragon-themed encounters, adventures, and campaigns. Dragonslayers and dragon scholars alike will also appreciate its insight into harnessing the power of dragon magic and options for players to create unique, memorable draconic characters.

To order Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons Hardcover for $29.97 USD CLICK HERE

Forged Dice Co. Serpent Cell Dice Jail

Photo Credit: Forged Co.

“Forged Dice Co Serpent Cell Dice Jail – Fits standard size polyhedral metal dice, D&D miniatures, and Dungeons and Dragons accessories. Hand-crafted and hand-painted our Serpent Cell is the perfect penitentiary for polyhedral dice. Don’t just get mad when your dice are acting rebellious, PUNISH THEM! Set this formidable cell for click clacks on the table as a reminder for all who dare to act foolishly. Weighing in at 1 pound 14 ounces and made of polyresin this dice dungeon is no cheap trinket holder. Dare to remove the precious bounty imprisoned by the Forged Dice Co. Serpent Cell!”

To order Forged Dice Co. Serpent Cell Dice Jail for $36.99 USD CLICK HERE

Fireball Cosplay Necklace

Photo Credit: Variant Ventures

Accessorize in flaming hot style with this Fireball Necklace. This is the perfect edition to any TTRPG cosplay or costume, and is simple enough to even be worn day to day without raising any fire alarms… hehe.

To order the Fireball Cosplay Necklace for $39.99 USD CLICK HERE

Conjurer Co Mimic Chest Dice Storage Box

Photo Credit: Merhoff & Larkin

A malicious & medieval twist on a dice holder giving you a beautifully handcrafted storage accessory that you’ll enjoy showing off during your weekly game nights. TRAVEL READY – Our Dice case has a lockable hinge so you can keep your treasure secure (lock included). When your crew calls, just throw your dice vault in your gaming bag & go. Works for a variety of mini games, RPGs, & dungeons & dragons. SUPERIOR QUALITY – Made from an extremely strong Poly Resin Material to ensure that your product will last & reliably hold dice, miniatures, tokens, or roleplaying trinkets. PERFECT GIFT FOR DM’S & DICE GAME ENTHUSIASTS – This dice box is a perfect addition to any dungeon master’s/dm’s inventory for dnd quests. Dice game enthusiasts will love it for its utility & conveniently large size!

To order the Conjurer Co mimic Chest Dice Storage Box for $37.95 USD CLICK HERE

ENHANCE Tabletop Dice Case and Dice Rolling Tray

Photo Credit: Enhance

A reinforced hard shell case with a heavy-duty zippered design holds both sides of the case together, but easily detaches for convenient table use. Heavy duty zippers and a spacious covered section with scratch-resistant lining store up to 150+ dice in an easy to reach location for your next game night. The other half of the case features a large soft-lined dice rolling tray with large walls that prevent dice from rolling out. Large enough for the whole table to use!

To order Enhance Tabletop Dice Case and Dice Rolling Tray for $29.99 USD CLICK HERE

Welcome To The Dungeon Call Me Master Socks Dungeon Master Game Socks

Photo Credit: TsoTmo

All of the words are stitched directly into the socks rather than iron-on transfer, so it won’t peel off. These Novelty and funny socks will make your friends giggle; here you go!

To order these Welcome to the Dungeon Call Me Master Game Socks for $15.99 USD CLICK HERE

Personalized Dice Display Resealable Jar (JAR ONLY)

Photo Credit: Variant Ventures

This Personalized Dice Display Resealable Jar is a unique and customizable way to store your individual dice sets for your favorite TTRPG player characters. Resealable Jars are labeled with customizable vinyl decal. Available in 4 Text Options (NOT ETCHED, Dice NOT Included)

To order Personalized Dice Display Resealable Jar for $11.50 USD CLICK HERE

B&E Potion Bottle Dice Roller DnD Health HP Die Shaker

Photo Credit: Brokkr and Eitri

You regain hit points when you drink this potion… These beautiful dice shakers are made from resin and sparkle with gold. Perfect for healing yourself or table companions! Includes; Decorated Potion Jar & matching pair of dice. **HANDMADE** Slight variations can occur between potions.

To order B&E Potion Bottle Dice Roller DnD Health HP Die Shaker for $19.50 USD CLICK HERE

Wood Dungeon Master’s DM Screen

Photo Credit: CZYY

Each GM screen comes with eye-catching laser engraving – Detailed Dragon and Flamel Cross. It has antique bronze hardware on the corners for protection and a clasp keeping the screen closed. Make it a beautiful and useful addition to every DM’s toolkit!

To order Wood Dungeon Master’s DM Screen for $49.99 USD CLICK HERE

3D Vikings D&D Dice Tower Castle

Photo Credit: 3D Vikings

Your new dice tower is ready and waiting! The medieval-style dice tower will add fun, fairness, and functionality to your next game session. Dice tower that guarantees your dice will stay on the table and a fair and genuinely random roll every time the dice tumble through the spiral staircase. Maybe the best part is that you can show your creativity by painting the tower! Use a primer before painting for the paint to stick properly. Tower dimensions: 7.5″ tall x 8.9″ long x 5.8″ wide. Weight: 1.10 pounds.

To order 3D Vikings D&D Dice Tower Castle for $30.99 USD CLICK HERE

Light Cleric Prayer Beads Necklace

Photo Credit: Variant Ventures

These prayer beads feature a Swarovski Crystal Sun Pendant and are the perfect holy symbol for Light Clerics in TTRPG’s.

To order the Light Cleric Prayer Beads Necklace for $44.95 USD CLICK HERE

Double-Sided RPG Battle Grid Mat – 24″ x 36″

Photo Credit: Abishai

Enrich your tabletop RPG gaming experience with Abishai RPG Battle Grid Mat! Comes with premium neoprene mat with square and hex grid printed on each side, nice and thick clear PVC film, four-color markers, cleaning cloth, four clips and sturdy plastic carrying case.

To order Double-Sided RPG Battle Grid Mat for $59.99 USD CLICK HERE

120PCS Metal Coins Gold, Silver and Copper & Dragon Luminous Eyes Leather Bag

Photo Credit: Byhoo

Here are 120PCS metal coin item from Byhoo, it’s for wonderful board games especially. The DND coins can be used as game tokens in a variety of RPG games, including Dragon and Dungeon, Stonemaier, Scythe, and Sword & Sorcery. You would have a great time playing games with pirate coins which are made of metal. Every coin has an appropriate and comfortable size and weight, allowing you to have a greater touch feeling and a wonderful visual experience while playing with your friends using metal coins.

To order the 120 Piece Metal Coins and Leather Bag for $26.99 USD CLICK HERE

Mythical Heroes Mini Figure Set for RPGs

Photo Credit: House of Bodian

To order the MYthical Heroes Mini Figurine Set for RPGs for $35.85 USD CLICK HERE

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We hope these suggestions help you on your quest for the perfect gift this holiday season! Merry Critmas and Happy Holidays!

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