Variant Ventures Shoppe Spotlight – Summer 2021

Did you know we have a shoppe that sells TTRPG related apparel and items? Some of our top sellers include cosplay pieces and comfy tees! Hosting our own store allows us to continue creating great content and do more for the community. Whether you are looking for yourself or someone in your party, Adventurers of all shapes and sizes will find something perfect in our store.

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Check out these items currently available in Our Shoppe:

Fireball Cosplay Necklace: Accessorize in flaming hot style with this Fireball Necklace. This is the perfect addition to any TTRPG cosplay or costume and is simple enough to even be worn day to day without raising any fire alarms… hehe.

Fresh Out of Spell Slots Unisex Tank-Top: A classic, all-purpose unisex tank for any caster to enjoy! You may be fresh out of spell slots, but at least you have this comfy tank! A timeless classic intended for anyone looking for great quality and softness.

Potion of Healing Mug: Add a splash of color to your morning healing ritual! These ceramic mugs not only feature a playful design, but also a colorful rim, handle, and interior. This is the perfect gift for the TTRPG lovers in your life, especially your party’s designated healer! Comes in White with Red or Black

Romancable NPC Unisex Tank-Top: A classic, all-purpose unisex tank that lets other players know you are available. A timeless classic intended for anyone looking for great quality, softness and companionship. Our Romanceable NPC Unisex Tank Top is the perfect shirt for TTRPG lovers looking for love.

Light Cleric Prayer Beads: These prayer beads feature a Swarovski Crystal Sun Pendant and are the perfect holy symbol for Light Clerics in TTRPG’s.

Bard Bait Button (75 mm / 3 in): Do your or your TTRPG character(s) tend to win the hearts of local Bards? Have you had melodies and songs written to immortalize your beauty or appearance? Want a way for your bard to flatter those they make flirtatious advances to? Then this button is for you!

Let’s Go on an Adventure Unisex Tank-Top: Get ready for your go-to adventuring shirt! Our Let’s Go On An Adventure VV Unisex Tank-Top is a timeless classic intended for anyone looking for great quality and softness.

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We appreciate your continued support and would love to know if you have any suggestions or item requests! Be sure to share your ideas in the comments and you may see them soon in our store. Speaking of, you can check out these items and more in Our Shoppe by CLICKING HERE. Happy Shopping!

Please note: Some of our posts may contain affiliate links which means the Team at Variant Ventures could earn money if you purchase products from our site.

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