Found Familiar Coffee Review

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Do you need a little help getting revved up for that quest you picked up at the pub the night before?  Do you typically get your Bardic Inspiration in Brown Morning Potion from?  Enter
Found Familiar Coffee, one of the most delightful parts of my past months!

2 bags of coffee: Thieve's Cant and Goodberry
‘Thieve’s Cant’ and ‘Goodberry’ pound bags

Found Familiar offers their Brew of Adulting in sample sizes and one pound bags of freshly roasted coffee.  I love their commitment to quality, even including a handwritten date of roasting on the front of the bag.  The pound bags also include art from some wonderful people in the TTRPG space, and the company lists their contact info on the site.  It is a great way to showcase some of the many talented artists we have in the community!

I want to share the beautifully aromatic and complex blends of coffee I have tasted with all of you.  Please keep in mind that I have yet to acquire my certification as a food critic, so much like my Cantrip Candle review I will be taking you on a journey of the mind through the delectable samplings I have had from these master craftspersons.

If you recall, Rory offered his own review of Found Familiar Coffee.

Spare the Dying
This brew will put the pep in any Cleric’s step as they come to the rescue of the reckless frontline fighters in their party!  Dried berry, nutmeg and dark chocolate will bring you back from the dead (which you will then undoubtedly need to do for your friends).

This blend will empower the sorcerer within to a heightened state of alertness.  The careful blend of jasmine, orange and earth will allow you to deal half damage to your friends should any of it wind up in their lap.

If you’re feeling lost in the fog, this is the blend that will set you back on course.  You may feel as if red apple, praline and brown sugar are uncharted waters for a coffee, but flavors like these will help you plot a course in an unpredictable world.


If waking up has had you feeling like you’ve been cursed, this is the coffee for you.  With a blend of baker’s chocolate, toasted almond and dates, this sweet and nutty flavoring has been Pact tested and Patron approved.

coffee cup next to a sample size bag of Hex
A fresh cup of ‘Hex’



Thieves’ Cant

This coffee will have you believing that maybe thieves can!  A secret blend of cherry, toffee and toasted almonds is perfect to keep you up for a night of espionage, or give you that jolt you need for a quick getaway.


This seductive blend of dates, toasted pecans and dark chocolate brownies will have any Bard ready to sing out words of inspiration.  After a second cup, they might even find they have inspired themselves!

False Life

Are you ready for a drink that will raise your hit points but won’t leave you wide awake for the whole night’s watch?  False Life is a decaf blend with flavors of graham cracker, cocoa and vanilla made to warm your belly and let you sleep off your levels of exhaustion!


If you’re looking for the perfect blend to step outside and enjoy all the sights and sounds of the sunrise, this blend fill you up for the day to come. With notes of mixed berry, wild flowers, and sangria, this coffee will tame the beast within.

It should go without saying that I highly recommend all of the blends I reviewed above.  I have had a difficult time choosing which pound bag to purchase, so I usually order three to six sample sizes instead.  I do hope to find a favorite flavor soon!


*Photo Credit: Variant Berry




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