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It’s Berry, with another game review!  If you’re like me, you are finding less and less time to sit down and play tabletop games with friends and family.  Where I once had hours I could set aside to roll dice, shift maples, and collect cards, I now feel blessed if I can find thirty minutes in which to dedicate.  It’s for moments  when I need my gaming quick and dirty that I turn to Dungeon Drop, a fast-paced, fantasy themed and family friendly offering from Gamewrite

The box states that Dungeon Drop is enjoyed by players aged 8+, and having played several times I feel that is an accurate age group.  One full game takes roughly 20 minutes and can be played with 1-4 players.

Setup for the game is as simple as it is chaotic.  First each player is assigned a Race, Class, and Quest card which provides you with a general goal for play of the game.  Then as the title suggests the dungeon, or a series of small cubes, is literally dropped onto the playing space.  On each players turn they reach their hand into the game box and retrieve a set number of larger cubes.  Without looking at what they’ve collected, they drop those cubes anywhere they wish into the dungeon.  The player then uses specific “pillar” cubes to draw out a triangle and collect all treasure and monster cubes within.  Gameplay last three turns before each player tallies up the cubes and a winner is declared.

Race and Class card read Wood Elf and Rogue with cubes scattered in the background

Ease of Setup and Play
Easy-Peasey Lemon Squeezy!  The Race, Class, and Quest cards are easy to read and follow.  The first two cards provide a unique ability the player can use on their turn when selecting what treasures to collect, and the last provides bonuses for collecting specific treasures.  The quests make it likely that each player will have incentive to tackle different objectives and are less apt to be chasing the same cubes.  It also means that the player with the largest number of cubes at the end might not necessarily end up as the winner of the game.

With over 1500 race, class and quest card combinations a player can use, and with the random generation of the dungeon, it is unlikely that a player will play the same game of Dungeon Drop twice!  This game also features cooperative or competitive modes of play, as well as a solo mode for when you want to delve on your own!

The art of Dungeon Drop features adorable Chibi-styled characters all throughout, with clean, crisp and bold colors on the cards and box.  Children and adults alike should find the game as aesthetically pleasing as they do fun.

Dungeon Drop Box Art with Cubes scattered in front

Enjoyment Level
Each play through of Dungeon Drop filled out house is boisterous laughter and requests for encore games.  As such, the game we initially purchased due to its quick play time usually ends up played multiple times in succession!

Dungeon Drop is a blast for families, friends, children and adults of all ages.  It is a great value, running on average between $15 and $20.  With the amount of deployability you receive in return, you can’t go wrong!


Calico cat curled up with Dungeon Drop box
Delilah Approves!

*Photo Credit: Variant Berry

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