New Year, New Plans

Welcome to the new year, Variants! Variant Ventures had some amazing things go on in 2021, as Variant Kait covered in her year in review recap.  I do want to personally thank everyone for their support of Variant Ventures, and my personal content. But that’s not why we are here today! I have some plans moving into 2022 that I want to share with you all today.

First things first, the team and I are working towards more streaming content this year. On my part, that is going to mean resuming my ‘Star Wars: Empire at War” series, playing as the Pentastar Alignment. Its a fun easter egg for our fans who enjoy the Legends continuity of Star Wars. Other games that may appear periodically are Halo: Infinite, the multiplayer of which I have been thoroughly enjoying in my spare time, and probably a couple of the games from the Total War series. I’ll pause while you all react in shock that I, the resident historian of VV is a fan of *gasp* Total War. There are also plans in the works for guests to come to join the stream for multiplayer games, so check back here for updates.

In conjunction with this, the VV Team will be migrating all of our streams to a unified Twitch streaming channel, Our streams will also be available on our Youtube channel after the streams. Fans of Variant J’s playthrough of Final Fantasy 7 will be familiar with this, and I’ll be happy to add my content there too.

And this brings us to the blog. I plan to continue with my War Talk series, covering weapons, armor, tactics, and other items of history. I’ll also have my occasional one-off posts (like reviews or small discussions) and I have plans for a new series suggested by one the Variants – a yet-to-be-named series reviewing battles throughout history and seeing if and how they would change if magic could have been used. There will be some rules for how this will work – I’m not giving Hannibal’s army a Wish spell, for example – and this will be explained in a future post.

We have a lot to look forward to in 2022, and I hope you will enjoy all the content here on the Variant Ventures site. From myself and the team, we wish you all a Happy New Year. Let me know in the comments what you are most excited for this year! (and if you have any suggestions!)

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