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Greetings, superheroes and lovers of all things nerdy! This article is the first of many features on some of the best local comic and toy shops in the Central Florida region. First up is Epic Comics located in East Orlando, Florida.

Front door of Epic Comics
Epic Comics has been serving the East Orlando community since September 2011. In mid-March 2019, the shop went under new ownership, but the love and and passion for comics, art, and toys still remains. Their website states they created this shop “to be the safe haven for those interested in nerd culture” and that it indeed is. It is welcoming of all demographics and ages. Their staff is very friendly, makes the effort to get to know their customers, and much more.

Grey Skinned Yoda, welding a red lightsaber, wears a mask

Located in the back of Waterford Towers you will find this incredible shop. As you walk in you are greeted by the mighty Yoda (which for all my Pokémon Go fans is a Pokéstop) and an awesome staff member. Behind Yoda you will see three large shelved glass cases. These cases are full of a variety of figurines that are always being updated. To the left is the wall of comics broken up by DC Comics, Marvel Comics & Indie. These sections are easy to find as they have large signs indicating the sections (see photos). The comics are also very well stocked along with tags that indicate the new releases for the week. Look above the comics and you will find action figures and a large selection of local art.

Massive wall of figurines behind glass
To the right as you first walk in you will find the younger readers section which includes even more comics and graphic novels, along with boxes of old issues of comics that many collectors can come in to check out. Right behind the younger readers section is the checkout. At the checkout you will find another glass case with more specialty comics and behind the awesome staff member there is an incredible display of still more comics. Towards the back of the store you will find several displays of graphic novels, a large Transformer figurine on display and a variety of Funko Pop Figures. There is also a really cool, unique aspect of this store. All of the wall art features heroes and villains that are among the owners favorites. They are all hand drawn and in the style of some of their favorite artists. The photo of Jean Grey is one of my personal favorites as I’m a big fan of Jean Grey/Phoenix.

Superhero female form is painted on a wall

What makes this shop awesome?
The atmosphere is set by a phenomenal group of staff and owners. It’s such a friendly environment, with staff who take an interest in their customers. When a customer walks in you can expect to be greeted, and if you have a subscription with them you will get your books handed to you. The subscription service is free and the staff do take a look at what you’re reading. Many times I’ve had new books that have been recommended based on what I’ve been reading. If there are specific books you’re looking for you can easily contact them at their website, on their social media, or ask when you visit. If you have questions or want to talk about a specific book that you’re curious about the staff can tell you about it. It’s evident they know their comics, what their customers like, and they listen to their feedback. The staff was asked for more independents (as well as specific figures to bring in for sale) and they listened. The independents section has gotten much bigger and definitely has increased my interest in independents.

Large robotic figure stands over display of graphic novels

They do local events that give local artists a chance to showcase and sell their work while also maintaining the proper social distance during these COVID times. Free Comic Book Day is coming up next month, and you can expect they will have a mix of everything on the website. You will also find sales throughout the year around specific themes in the year. If you’re not in the area but want to get comics from this store they will ship. I’ve learned from talking to the owner, they’ve had people contact them or just discover them by their social media posts. Especially on New Comic Book Day, I make an effort to watch their videos. Al who runs the videos is always hyped, is knowledgeable, and it’s evident his passion for comics and toys. This shop truly is epic, and whenever I have friends who are looking for an awesome comic shop this is my go to.

Large wall full of comic books
How to connect with Epic Comics:
Epic Comics is located at 570 N Alafaya Trail, Ste 106, in Orlando, FL.

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram, or check out their website. You can call them at 407-730-3742 or email them.

Let me know what you think when you visit this shop.

Keep saving the day my friends!

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