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After having such a fun experience with Dragonwood, our house picked up the next version- DragonRealm by Gamewright. This game provided a lot of additional gameplay value, such as location cards, goblins to compete against, and gold to collect! Rated for two to four players aged ten and older, the game takes about 30 minutes to complete. Similar to Dragonwood, Dragonrealm is a great intro for new TTRPG players!

Dragonrealm Box Art

Ease of Set Up and Play
Much like Dragonwood, Dragonrealm is nearly ready to play as soon as you open the box! I love when you can hop right into a game from the first time you open the box. It requires a touch of set up, mostly through popping out all of the coins from the cardboard and setting up the location cards, but the easy to follow directions make it a breeze to jump right in. Originally I wanted to play outside, but a strong breeze prohibited that! I recommend this one for indoor play only.

Adding additional challenges by including 21 location cards, Dragonrealm offers even more replayability than its predecessor! While a little more complex, I would say that this could follow the younger rating of eight or older that Dragonwood offers. (with some help from older players.)

Much like the artwork featured in Dragonwood, the various heroes, monsters, and locations are all detailed and colorful. I mentioned I felt the need for more representation on the Adventurer cards in Dragonwood, and apparently I wasn’t the only one! Dragonrealm offers a more diverse spread of heroes. The location cards also offer some additional cartoon beauty.

Numbered character cards

Enjoyment Level
This game got a little more intense in our house than Dragonwood. Something about seeing all of the colored meeples on the location cards and everyone’s growing pile of currency can really make for a more competitive atmosphere! That aside, we all enjoyed our play and look forward to taking another dive into the game soon.

All game parts featured

Our house enjoyed Dragonrealm a lot! It served as an excellent progression from Dragonwood. Pick yourself up a copy and pretty soon, you’ll convert all your friends into playing games with dragons!

*Photo Credit: Variant Berry

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Have you played Dragonrealm? What did you think?

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