Game Review: Zombie Dice Horde Edition

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*Content Warning: Zombies, Shotguns

All contents for all versions of Zombie Dice are included in the box. Dice, Tokens and Tracker included.


Today we are reviewing Zombie Dice: Horde Edition from Steve Jackson Games, creators of Munchkin! In all honesty, what drew me to this game initially was that there are dice in the box that don’t have numbers on them. While that may not be the best reason for making a financial decision, it certainly isn’t the worst! Designed for two or more players aged ten and up, this game can be played in as little as ten minutes. I would say parents should proceed with caution, as the game does encourage you to use a “shotgun” to end the zombies. While lighthearted in nature, the overall theme may be too mature for the younger players in some families. That being said, the game play itself is simple and easy to understand.

Ease of Set Up and Play

It’s dice! Everything you need to get started is included in the box and there are instructions for Zombie Dice, as well as the Double Feature and School Bus variants all on one sheet. It is one of the easiest games I have reviewed to just pick up and go!


If Yahtzee is still going strong today, then this game should have a similar staying power! As long as you enjoy the random nature of playing dice games, you are in for a lot of laughs with Zombie Dice. I personally enjoy that a game can be played in as little as ten minutes, making it easy to pick up and play, even when you have a lot on your schedule. If you follow me, you know how important I feel growth through gaming is, and Zombie Dice will give you a great game even if you are short on time.


As there are not a lot of visual graphics in this game, I will be giving all of my attention to the wonderful dice included in the box. If you are involved at all into the TTRPG world, you (like me) may share a strong love of dice. Even if you only have one set, you just know that your set is the best on the planet and your dice are an extension of you in the game. These are facts and I don’t make the rules.

The click clacks included in Zombie Dice are wonderful. Instead of numbers one through six, you have the options of: Brain, Shotgun and Footprints in the base game. If you play the Big Double Feature variant, you have the basics as well as Double Brain, Double Shotgun, Hunk and Hottie Footprints. (How do you know they are hunks and hotties from the footprints alone, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a Cinderella thing?) You get to really kick things up with the special dice for Santa Claus and Schoolbus. Now, not only are these dice fantastic, but I have also used them in combination with my Story Cubes, and for random encounters for one-shot TTRPG sessions!

Enjoyment Level

Zombie Dice: Horde Edition is a super fun way to spend less than a half an hour playing with family and friends. I really don’t have too much detail to add other than it was a great time!


If you are looking for a fast paced dice rolling game, Zombie Dice is it! Lots of laughs, randomness to the outcomes and any player can win. It is pretty strategy light, making it easy for anyone to pick up quickly. Speaking of which, I am happy to have picked it up myself!

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What are your favorite dice rolling games?

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