Meet the Variants: Variant Rory

Greetings and well met, visitors of the Variant Ventures Blog!

I am Variant Rory (he/him), the strategist and historian of our party as well as the Variant Ventures Chief Operating Officer (COO). Some of you may know my works on Twitter with Tactics Tuesdays and Weapon Wednesdays, and now it brings myself and the whole team at VV great pleasure to present our blog.

On this forum, I plan to discuss some of my interests such as: tabletop roleplaying games, history, strategy and tactics, real time strategy games, science fiction, and whatever other ideas float through my head.

My adventure begins much like Kait’s, as I grew up in the Midwestern United States, enduring weather far too cold for normal people to live comfortably, and relocated to the land of the sunshine state. This is also where I finished grade school and attended university. My primary studies included: history, sociology, military strategy, and other similar topics. As an adult, I now live in the MidAtlantic, enjoying the many historical sites the region offers.

My introduction to TTRPG’s and role playing in general was a bit different than my fellow Variants. As a youth, I participated in Medieval reenactment and full contact sword fighting. I started this at a young age and continued until school and other pesky real life obligations made it untenable to continue. During the near decade I participated, I learned not only traditional martial combat, but also courtly behavior and many skills from times past. I also learned chess, checkers, and the less traditional game of Magic the Gathering.

My first experience with TTRPG’s was also at the same time I met most of the people who would come to make up the VV team. We were invited by a common friend of ours to begin a game of Dungeons and Dragons, a game I had never played, but loved the sound of. I created a knight in shining armor, and rode proudly into the game on my noble steed. While this game did not last forever, it led to many others and solidified the friendship between many of the VV team members.

With that brief peek behind the curtain into my background finished, I welcome you to enjoy the works created by the rest of our party, the artisans of our guild, and fellow Variants. Be ready for more content, both from myself and others very soon, and may your path be filled with friends and good memories.

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