Game Review: TACO vs BURRITO

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*Content Warning: Food, Gross Food, Brains

Taco Vs Burrito Box Art Featuring a taco and burrito with boxing gloves


TACO vs BURRITO provides a tagline that states “The Battle to Build the Weirdest, Wildest Meal is on!” Designed for two to four players aged seven or higher, this game is easy to learn and takes about fifteen minutes to play. I originally purchased this game for a birthday party with a Tex-Mex dinner menu! The game itself was created by Alex Butler, when they were just seven years old, along with help from mom Leslie Pierson.

Ease of Set Up and Play
TACO vs BURRITO is easy to pick up, making it a great choice for new players to learn. Playing it reminded me of other draw and discard games of a similar ilk. One cool features about this game in particular is that there are paper tortillas that can be used as a card holder for those with smaller hands! I really appreciated this extra attention to detail.

Two sets of cards in taco and burrito card holders

One of the great things about TACO vs BURRITO is that there are five different ways to play, given the different rule variations. It can be a little difficult for younger players to keep track of if they are playing multiple games in a single session. However, there are four Quick Start Cards to help you keep on track!

The artwork for TACO vs BURRITO is perfect for the game! Zany, whacky, and sometimes a little gross, the art in this game fits what the designer was going for. I was consistently happy with the design of the cards! There is one card, Human Brains, that got the most extreme reactions out of our table. You just can’t deny the wide variety of food options!

Six ingredients cards with titles like blood salsa and chocolate covered shrimp

Enjoyment Level
TACO vs BURRITO was a lighthearted way to add some fun to a birthday party. What I like is that it is easy to pick up and put down, deal someone in for an extra round and let them sit out the next. In our main group that joins us for game nights, a lot of us have younger ones that may need our attention. It is great to have a game people can participate in when their toddlers allow!.  Because the game plays so quickly, no one has to wait for long! It’s also a silly game that the older kids can play along with us as well!

Taco vs Burrito Special cards with names like Craft Crow and Trash Panda

Our house is continually looking for pick up games to play throughout our week and TACO vs BURRITO fits the bill! A light, fun game, guaranteed to make you laugh (or gag) over the food combinations! I am delighted to have this as a part of our rotation. I am also excited for the designers next game, Bold Made!

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