Upcoming Series: Heroes Feast Cookbook Cook Through

Test reads: Upcoming series: heroes feast cookbook cook through

Hello Variants!

Today I am excited to announce that several members of the Variant Ventures Team will be working our way through “Heroes Feast: The Official D&D Cookbook” and featuring our attempts at making these magical recipes in the weeks to come.

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Due to some food allergies, religious practices, and lifestyle choices, we may be adjusting some of the recipes or have a guests writer make the traditional recipe while the authors try a substitute version. These substitutions will be highlighted in the posts in case you would like to try them too!

We are looking forward to trying out the best snacks, drinks, appetizers, meals and desserts featured in TTRPG’s around the worlds in D&D. Be sure to share your favorite recipes for us to try in the comments, and check back for updates as we take this culinary journey together.

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