Introducing: Variant Izzie

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Hello, everyone!

Uber nerd Variant Izzie here, and I’m super excited to be joining the VV team and to meet everyone in this vibrant community.

While I’m pretty new to the world of TTRPGs as a player, I’ve been an avid gamer in some form or another pretty much my entire life. And I mean all the forms – text based RP groups (ask me how I got kicked out of a Harry Potter RP forum), cosplay, DDR at the arcade, running a successful gaming blog, attending conventions, beta testing new apps… you name it.

As you can probably tell, games have been an integral part of my existence as a human being – they helped my introverted self learn how to talk to people and make lifelong friends, fanart was my gateway to exploring my creative skills, and the communities that I’ve been a part of along the way have always given me a sense of belonging and purpose.

Things that have always been important to me that I think extend deeply into nerdy circles – social justice, mental health advocacy, and fostering genuine connection. You’ll probably see a lot about that from me.

These days I’m rocking the independent artist badge, with a handcrafted jewelry shop and dreams to expand into other creative ventures, as it were. I love writing, I love community building, and have a passion for activism and creating positive change in the world. In particular I’m a techie at heart, and have a particular drive to help connect technology with community and opportunity.

That’s me in a nutshell! I love meeting new people, so if you’ve got a similar interest, any questions or just wanna chat about the weather, hit me up!

Also… I play way too much League of Legends.

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