The Road Ahead: A look at Variant Ventures in 2021

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It was a difficult journey, but we have made it through the behemoth of a year that was 2020.  The past year was one of hardship, and the journey was perilous.  But despite the many pitfalls that were laid before us, we reached the year’s climax.  That itself is cause for celebration, and celebrate we have.  We laughed, and cried, and sang songs of frustration, or heartbreak, but also of joy and hope.  We awoke this morning basking in the year anew.


Last week, I took a moment to review Variant Venture’s journey throughout the past year.  For this week I will be looking forward to what we can expect during 2021!  There is enough to talk about to fill up the heaviest of wizard tomes, but for brevity’s sake I will provide a small sample of what we are cooking up.  Rest assured, this is looking to be an exciting year for VV!  We cannot wait to share it all with you in the coming months!


Kait has been hard at work developing new goodies for sale in our Variant Ventures Shoppe!  She has several new product series she will be introducing throughout the year, such as new shirts, totes, stickers, and other similar products.  She will also be expanding on previous series, such as our popular Fireball Necklace! (At the time of this writing, the item sold out and is not currently listed).

I have also been consulting with the Variant Ventures loremasters, and there is talk of creating additional TTRPG content throughout 2021.  This will include free offerings, such as our Holiday 2020 Magic Items, as well as larger content which will be sold through our site and marketplaces such as the DM’s Guild.

Communication and Outreach

The team at Variant Ventures will continue offering regular blog content throughout 2021.  There are new topics, new focuses and new series being planned (and penned) from each of our writers.  Keep your eyes peeled on the fourth for the start of one of these new series, “Meet your Makers” from Berry!

Variant Ventures will once again be participating in Extra Life throughout 2021.  Last year, we raised thousands of dollars for children in need in partnership with Team Pixel Damage!  We hope to make this year even bigger and better while we all work together raising money for this worthy cause!

Outside of Extra Life, I will be starting a gaming stream on Twitch.  I am still working out the details on exactly how often I will stream and what I will be streaming, but I should have some information soon.  Be sure to keep on the lookout for additional updates by following me on twitter.

Aside from this, Variant Ventures is exploring additional forms of media in which to create content and interact within the community.  I have been sworn into a vow of silence on the matter but it is all very exciting.

Wrap Up

At Variant Ventures, our mission is to provide the resources and support for collaborative story-builders at all levels of experience, ability and backgrounds — through collaboration with passionate, talented individuals along with our own products and services to inspire and entertain our community.

This is just a sampling of what we have planned, but I am confident that we will succeed in the mission we set out when we started last year.  Thank you for taking the journey with me these past weeks, and here’s to the many weeks ahead.  May the new year bring us all a bounty in wealth and health, however you define them.

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