Charity Spotlight: Operation Supply Drop (OSD)

Test reads: Charity Spotlight Operation Supply Drop

The entire team at Variant Ventures is passionate about supporting our community. We know that TTRPG, gaming, and entertainment fans come from different backgrounds, and that sometimes a helping hand is needed. As today is Armed Forces Day, we want to put a spotlight on the non-profit organization Operation Supply Drop (OSD).

OSD aims to support veterans, active military and family members through Social Connectivity, Professional Development, and Community Service.

Many military members find the transition between active service and civilian life challenging, especially for those who dealt with traumatic or life-altering experiences during their service.

Active service members are not immune to the trials and tribulations of their hard work, and sometimes are in need of much needed distractions, supplies, or a way to build morale with their fellows in service.

The families of service members are also affected by the absence or loss of key figures in their lives. Here is where Operation Supply Drop steps in.

With several campaigns and programs such as Supply Drops™️, Games to Grunts™️, Boots to Books™️, Heroic Forces™️, and more, OSD is able to help those who have served, are serving, or supporting those in service.

OSD has helped donate 23,000 games and impacted 18,000 military troops, with the current goals of donating 500,000 games and helping 750,000 troops with their efforts and campaigns.

We highly encourage you to learn more or donate directly to OSD by visiting or you can donate to OSD and other charities through Variant Ventures by clicking here.

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