Real Talk: You Can Still Sell on Etsy Close To The Holiday!

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Do you sell handmade or homemade items on Etsy? Are you already buried in orders and worried you can’t keep this up for the next week and a half until Christmas?

Fear not friend, I have a tip for you! It’s possible to still sell your items this close to the holidays and also leave yourself the leeway you need for your processing time.

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Manage expectations
Most people who are shopping on Etsy understand that now is the time for increased quantities of orders and can be very understanding. That said, nobody likes to be surprised with a late shipping date. Make sure to update your processing time and state in your listing when customers can expect their items to go out.

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Add a little bonus
While most customers can be understanding about the longer processing times, it is a good best-practice to give them a little something extra for their patience. Think about what might work for your business: a free gift, perhaps? A special card to their loved ones stating that they did not shop last minute? Depending on your business, materials and comfort level, there are many ways to sweeten the deal.


Here’s what I’m doing
I currently have an Etsy shop listing for a hand-crocheted Christmas ornament. They have been very popular but it takes me 3 hours to make each one and I only do my Etsy crafts in my spare time (it is not my 9 to 5).  I considered de-listing the item until after the holiday because I just couldn’t keep up with demand but I hesitated because I don’t want to miss out on those sales either.

The route I’ve taken is two parts communication and two parts extra value. I updated my listing to explicitly state that orders will not arrive before Christmas. The listing acknowledges that the situation is not ideal but offers two extra bonuses to make up for it.

Bonuses I offer
The first bonus is that each ornament will now come with a sassy mini certificate officially decreeing that the purchaser did not shop last minute and that the product was delayed through no fault of said purchaser. The ornament I make is already a little humorous so it fits my brand well.

The second bonus is a free mailer that will let your recipient know that you have purchased a gift for them but it is delayed.

Two faces talking
In addition to the explicit language in my listing, I also make it a point to reach out to each buyer individually (this may or may not be feasible for your business but you could, perhaps, add your email on the listings for any questions). When I reach out to the buyer I ask them where they would like the free mailer sent; to themselves or to another recipient. This starts an open line of communication and reminds the buyer that I genuinely appreciate their patronage and care about their delivery.

If I can continue to sell so close to the holidays, then so can you. All it takes is good communication and a little something extra to add value for customers’ patience and you’re still in business!

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