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At the end of 2020, I was introduced to Dryad Tea through Twitter. Dryad Tea is a fun and nerdy tea shop that creates small batches of handcrafted tea inspired by media of all types, be it books, movies or the like. Always vegan and gluten free, their teas are able to be enjoyed by just about anyone.  I was charmed by the delightful names and have since sampled several of their blends. I have also begun sending their gift samplers to friends and family, as they offer both mystery packs and themed selections. Also offered are tea accessories, a Tea of the Month Club, and pottery.

Similar to my Found Familiar Coffee review, I would like to showcase some of the fantastic flavors I have tried!


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Mugs by MC_Etching

Almond Twilight
Almonds just may be my favorite nut, and I love the flavor it brings to other foods. Almond cakes and marzipan are among my favorite things! This rooibos blend also features blackberry leaf, roasted carob, chicory, anise and mallow flowers. It is a depth of flavor that makes me feel like I am spoiling myself.

Dragonwell Green Tea
Also known as Lung Ching Tea, this tea is hand crafted through a 10 step process. I highly recommend reading the description on the site, as this offered me a history lesson as rich as the flavor profile. This green tea is delightful, and will be making an appearance again in my home!

Golden Afternoon
As a lifetime lover of Alice and her adventures, I had to try Golden Afternoon. I sipped it slowly on a Friday after work and felt truly relaxed as I pictured laying in a field of daisies with Dinah. This rooibos base with notes of berries was the perfect way to unwind at the end of my work week, before turning my attention to some leisurely pursuits.

Misty Morning Dew
Green Tea featuring cool cucumber, melon and mint. I tried this one as an iced tea on a hot day, and it was absolutely refreshing! Sometimes I find this flavor combination a little heavy handed thanks to my teenaged choice of scent, but this blend is restrained and lovely. A perfect tea for a summer morning.

I originally picked up this flavor to match a PC of Variant J and I was not disappointed! Lots of fruity notes of apple and mango make for an uplifting blend. Humor for the character or not, this was a fantastic choice.

Puck’s Potion
Puck’s Potion was a blend I picked up as A Midsummer Night’s Dream is my favorite work of Shakespeare. When I was younger, the play took me to a land where fairies are real and enchanted forests are called home. This raspberry lime green tea will hopefully leave you with that same satisfaction only real world magic can provide.

Sample size bags of tea
Since discovering Dryad Tea, it has become a regular staple in my routine. One of the most wonderful things about them, is the steeping directions on the packaging. Many people do not realize that different types of tea require different temperatures or steep times. I appreciate the extra steps that Dryad Tea has made to educating its patrons. I hope you are able to check out this wonderful creator, and that the brewing of loose leaf tea feeds your inner alchemist!

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Have you tried any of these magical potions from Dryad Tea?

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