World Building: Seasons

With the weather patterns starting to change, and much to my relief beginning to cool down, a thought dawned on me that I hope is food for thought for other creators. How often when playing TTRPGs do the seasons change? Sure the game may start with everything being nice and sunny, but how long does …

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Halloween Horror Comedies

I’m back for our last week together as we delve into another round of horror movies. Last week was my favorite of all these lists, and I’ve had a great time rewatching some of those flicks! This week’s list is perfect, and just in time for Halloween. Essential horror comedies are a great gateway into …

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Text reads Halloween Deep Cuts

Halloween Deep Cuts

I’m back again for another Halloween movie list. Last week was family friendly fun, and I’ll admit, that type of list is not my forte. However, this week is the type of list you’d hear me talk about relentlessly: Halloween movies you might not have heard of. If you’ve exhausted the Friday the 13th and …

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World Building – Food

Across the world we live in, and the many others from various fantasy and sci-fi settings, food is a great indication of culture and society. The types of fruits, vegetables, and meats a people or culture eat are influenced by geography, religion, and economics. All of these factors make for great world-building opportunities. Does your …

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Part 2 – How to Create and Play as Characters Outside of Standard Races

Welcome back to my mini-series on “non-playable” character creation! In the previous post, we discussed the basics of looking to make a “non-playable” character playable for your next TTRPG. Regardless of what you choose to play, there are some key aspects of the character that will enhance your gameplay, as long as you are willing to …

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