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Variant Kait 🎨

Meet Your Makers: Hexwood Creations

Greetings weary internet travelers and explorers! We’ve been doing some dungeon-delving for new content offerings, but wanted to share another segment of our Meet Your Makers series, this time featuring the incredibly talented woodworker and creator Art over at Hexwood Creations. After catching up on our Q+A be sure to head over to his TikTok

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Variant Rory 📚
History In TTRPGs

If you have been hanging around the Variant Ventures page for a while, you will know I am the history guy. I like history, I write about it frequently, and I talk about ways to implement historical factors and events in your game. Today, however, I want to make a statement – most TTRPGs are

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Variant Rory 📚
World Building: Player Backstory

How much backstory is too much backstory for a TTRPG character? To be frank, I am not sure if there is a clear line to draw, but let me spell out my opinions on getting player backstory as a DM, and how I create it as a player. Usually, I do not write out my

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Text reads: Game Review Sagrada
Board Games
Variant Allison ⭐️

Sagrada: Game Review

Sagrada Front cover of Sagrada depicts a beautiful stained glass window with red, green, blue, yellow and purple dice along with the company’s logo. Back

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Text reads Port of Entry - Combat
Variant Berry 🍓

Port of Entry – Combat

Roll for Initiative! When I started playing my first session of Dungeons and Dragons, I had my character sheet and back story ready to go.

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Text reads Halloween Deep Cuts
Variant Ventures

Halloween Deep Cuts

I’m back again for another Halloween movie list. Last week was family friendly fun, and I’ll admit, that type of list is not my forte.

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