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Variant Kait 🎨

Meet Your Makers: Hexwood Creations

Greetings weary internet travelers and explorers! We’ve been doing some dungeon-delving for new content offerings, but wanted to share another segment of our Meet Your

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Variant Rory 📚
History In TTRPGs

If you have been hanging around the Variant Ventures page for a while, you will know I am the history guy. I like history, I

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Board Games
Variant Rory 📚

D&D Is Not A War Game

I am sure it will come as no surprise to my fellow Variants that I really enjoy the combat in Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition.

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Saftey At The Table

Text reads Romance in TTRPGs over a heart drawn in the sand

Romance in TTRPGs

Variant Rory offers up some advice on how to spice up a TTRPG adventure with a little romance in time for Valentine’s Day.

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RPG Consent Sheets

Variant Kait talks about preparing your players with RPG Consent Sheets during a Session 0 or an active Campaign.

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Game Reviews

Text reads: 13 Games for Halloween

13 Games for Halloween

Rather than sugar plums, some of us have visions of candy corn and pumpkins dancing in our heads year round. After a completely bonkers summer,

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Text reads TTRPG Systems

TTRPG Systems

Like many people I have met, my first table top role playing game was Dungeons and Dragons. I love playing Dungeons and Dragons! If you’re

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Text reads: Game Review - Flourish

Game Review – Flourish

Previous Next Flourish Flourish is my most recent game from Starling Games, the makers of Everdell. I was lucky enough to have found the Kickstarter

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